Friday, February 4, 2011

Elle's Ship Heads for Warmer Waters

I'm moving to Maui, Loves. I am.

I was setting it as one of my goals to get myself in top shape, but things have changed. I have to make some edits here, but don't have time yet. I have a month or so to pull my life up from its only half committed roots here in California, box them, and ship them overseas.

As for my updates regarding my personal progress and life:

I am still in love with yoga. It is such a life-changer. Not in a spiritual or mystical sense... Physically, it is transformational, and as a result it is mentally and hormonally transformational too. I need it. I think it's my new addiction.

My food addiction has been manageable for the most part. Setting my sights on raw eating has helped me a lot. Shoot for the stars and you might hit the moon. That's good enough for me. So I haven't kept on my target but it's helped me not to relapse into hurting myself with food. On the other hand, after being on Maui during my last trip and eating other people's food, my diet has decayed into kinda healthy instead of super healthy like it should be.

Another impact of my Maui trip back in Oct-Nov is that once I came back, I was sooooooo depressed. omg it was awful. In fact I've been sick almost nonstop since. I feel like my whole body is rejecting my life out here. I'm so glad I finally can actually go, but believe me, it can't come soon enough.

Maui is a great travel destination, but honestly, most people can't stand living there. Or can't manage to. It's a bit of a culture clash. So I understand my move and my enthusiasm isn't for everyone. For me it's really just home though. Take away the whole marketing sell and tropical promotion and luxury stuff, and what this really is is me moving home. I couldn't be happier. Until I get there I suppose. ;)

Well, life calls. Back to the salt mines for me. And packing!


  1. Hey, thanks for following me. Following you right back!


  2. I wonder wonder wonder where you are are are..(echoes)..

    1. I'm back. :) Couldn't recover my blogs so I'm starting a new one. Miss you!

  3. Elle here! Started a new prog blog at
    I hope to see you there! <3